Practical Approaches to Weaving Equity into Public Engagement

This webinar was previously recorded on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

The historic bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) has local governments across the nation convening and collaborating with staff and stakeholders as they prepare to respond to a whole host of federal funding opportunities. 

In this webinar, a panel of local government leaders took a deep dive into real life, practical applications of public engagement best practice and equity building. The session is designed to help governments better position themselves and their projects in the highly competitive federal funding environment.

Attendees can expect to come away with the following information and insights: 

  • Timely and actionable ways to best position your community for competitive funding
  • Real life examples of how your peers are weaving equity into the decision making process
  • How community data and tools have helped address the critical three E’s of engagement (equity, environment, and evidence)
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Webinar Speakers


Therese Dorau

Director of Climate Communications & Engagement

Kim Lundgren Associates


Lori Maher

Community Engagement/Program Manager

Genesee Transportation Council


John Tiemann

Sr. Public Involvement Specialist

Poznecki-Camarillo, LLC



Graham Stone

Co-founder & Vice President of Government Relations


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