Strengthening IIJA Grants Through Greater Representation and Inclusion

Duration: 1 Hour

This webinar took place on Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Local jurisdictions that understand the opportunities and prioritization criteria created by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act are better positioned to receive funding. 

But how exactly does a community successfully collect the data needed to quantify these required measurements?

In this webinar, we heard from policy experts and engagement specialists who shared how using “equity mapping” of your community’s residents can help identify required information that will aid you in preparing your proposals and justifying grant amounts.

During this session, our experts covered: 

  • How to identify and measure social and economic data through equity mapping to create strong projects and grant proposals.
  • How to improve civic outreach practices to achieve greater representation and inclusion in all areas of public participation.

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Featured Speakers

Liz Farmer

Fiscal policy expert, author of the newsletter Long Story Short, and a consultant at Funkhouser & Associates


Valerie Lemmie

Director of Exploratory Research
Kettering Foundation

Kristin Williams, Ph.D.

Community Engagement
Data Analyst,
NineteenEleven Consulting

Graham Stone

Co-founder and Vice President of Government Relationships