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Behind the Data: How Geography and Community Affiliation Drive Engagement and What Governments Can Do to Increase Participation

In November, PublicInput hosted a three-part webinar series sharing key takeaways from our 2023 Resident Engagement Survey results to help elevate state and local government community engagement strategies.

The series breaks down why proximity matters, how affiliation amplifies trust, and the importance of closing the awareness gap. Each session featured insights in action as well as real-world success stories from state and local governments.

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Sessions in the Webinar Series

Proximity Matters: BringingGovernment Closer to Residents

Discover the significance of local proximity in motivating residents to participate in the civic process. Learn how to strategically position engagement opportunities closer to residents' homes, driving a surge in community involvement.

How to Build Stronger Relationships with Community-Based Organizations

Explore the power of engaging residents through groups and organizations they identify with. Understand how affiliations can boost public trust and willingness to participate in community engagement initiatives, shaping their perceptions positively.

Closing the Awareness Gap: Strategies for Inclusive Outreach

Uncover the critical need for improved communication and outreach efforts from government agencies. Gain insights into bridging the awareness gap and ensuring residents are informed and motivated to engage on vital issues.


Jay Dawkins

Founder and CEO

Graham Stone

Co-founder and Vice President of Government Relationships

Brad Johnson

Assistant Professor of Public Administration

University of Nevada, Reno

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