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How Bots and ChatGPT Are Changing Public Engagement

Wednesday, March 29 at 2 PM (ET) / 11 AM (PT)

For better or worse, generative AI is here. In a rapidly changing technology landscape, it's essential to understand the emerging AI-driven challenges facing state and local government -- as well as the solutions new technology can unlock to improve data integrity, reduce bias, and streamline analysis.

Want to learn the ins and outs of bots and ChatGPT in public engagement? We're here to help. Join us on Wednesday, March 29 as PublicInput CEO, Jay Dawkins, and Head of Product, Alex Gibson, discuss: 

  • Why bots are becoming more problematic in public engagement. 
  • How to identify bots and ensure data integrity when engaging the public. 
  • How next generation AI technologies like ChatGPT can change public engagement. 
  • Applications of ChatGPT within PublicInput to reduce bias and improve comment analysis. 

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Jay Dawkins


Alex Gibson

Head of Product