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Build resident relationships with civic engagement software designed to enable equity, turn data into engagement insights, and ensure compliance.

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All-In-One Public Engagement Software

Unlock the power of data to make decisions and defend them with a single system of record. 

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Enable Equity

Built-in tools for best practices that give all residents an equal opportunity to be heard.

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A Consistent Resident Experience

Whether in-person, online, or virtual — residents can participate in their preferred format.

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Turn Data Into Insights

Uniform data and automatic analysis makes it easy and efficient for small teams to make big decisions. 

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Ensure Compliance & Defend Decisions

Our software is designed with government mandates in mind and creates a single system of public record.

What Local Governments & Consultants Are Saying About PublicInput

“PublicInput gives you the Ferrari of engagement technology. It is robust, agile, and allows local governments to laser-focus on underrepresented communities of color, residents with limited English proficiency, and people with disabilities."

Through PublicInput our clients have heard from residents and other stakeholders across a wide array of engagement activities, allowing thousands to contribute. The seamless integration of online and offline data has helped us analyze this feedback and glean meaningful insights quickly.

PublicInput makes it easy for us to coordinate our public engagement activities and it allows us to do many of the same activities we would do in an in person Open House, but virtual and longer for the community members to respond.

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