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Introducing the Community-Based Organizations (CBO) Network

This product demo session was previously recorded.

Community-based organizations (CBOs) have long been a key element in public engagement outreach. When we surveyed public engagement practitioners last year, over 80% said community groups are a key part of their outreach strategy, but fewer than 10% had a central way of managing their outreach and engagement with them.

According to our 2023 Resident Engagement Survey, residents said they were twice as likely to engage if public organizations reached out to them through a group with whom they affiliate. Unlocking that potential represents a major opportunity for public agencies to elevate the role of CBOs in their work, increase engagement, and build trust with their community.

Watch our product demo session to learn how our new Community-Based Organizations Network empowers state and local governments to discover and manage CBOs to reach critical stakeholders in hard to reach communities. We’ll share how you can access our database of over 500,000 community-based organizations, including key contacts, the type of services they provide, and even their geographic area of impact.

What You'll Learn:

  • Centralized Engagement: Explore how our Community Based Organizations Network streamlines engagement strategies by centralizing volumes of data in one system of record.
  • Efficient Organization Management: Learn to import, add, edit, and associate contacts within our CRM so anyone on your team can search and filter organizations.
  • Simplified Categorization: Understand how our standardized system makes it easy to identify and connect with relevant groups.
  • Collaboration Beyond Boundaries: See how organizations like NCDOT foster collaboration across state, regional, city, and county-led efforts using our CBO Network.

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