The Community-Based Organizations (CBO) Playbook

Community-based organizations are one of the keys for state and local government agencies to build public trust and increase engagement with residents. Here's how to identify and collaborate with relevant community groups, and leverage public engagement tools to maximize the effectiveness of your public outreach initiatives.

This playbook is designed for state and local governments to use as an internal guide to standardizing the process for identifying Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) operating in their region, managing related data, and effectively engaging with key stakeholders and constituents. It is crafted to assist in evaluating current practices, getting organized, and tapping into community organizations to build trust and increase engagement. Inside, you'll find guidance on:

  • Building a foundation for CBO data
  • Standardizing a process for managing CBOs
  • Messaging for reaching out to CBO contacts

Additionally, you'll discover tools that address the critical need for a centralized and efficient approach to managing and leveraging community group information. These tools empower public organizations to build trust, increase engagement, and streamline collaboration.

CBO Playbook Screenshot

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